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  • 1 Westmount Square #3 Westmount, (514) 934-2334

My perpetual search for the perfect Salmon Tartar is what initially brought my attention to this fine French restaurant. One of my close friends was aware of my deep devotion to the dish, and emphasized how I would surely taste the greatest Salmon Tartar at The Tavern.

Upon entering the eatery, I first noticed how uplifting the ambiance was. The staff all had such a positive and almost jubilant attitude towards everyone they encountered. Our waiter Paul was extremely attentive and informative; one of the most memorable waiters I’ve come across all year. The interior décor reflected the upscale reputation of the restaurant – French, elegant & timeless. The clientele was mostly business-people, but I did also notice a few scattered families and couples - all of whom seemed to be having a joyous time!

For our appetizers, we both first ordered Deep Fried Calamari served with cayenne and anchovy aioli. I have to honestly say it was a disappointment. It didn’t have that ever-so-essential crunch that I look for in fried calamari. It was mostly on the soggy/chewy side, which led me to leave my dish unfinished (Not a common occurrence in my books!) 

Next came the famed Salmon Tartar, made with lime, coriander and chipotle. It rested on a bed of fresh avocado and was served with deep fried pita bread. Goodness gracious me was this dish absolutely MINDBLOWING! I deeply apologize LEMEAC, but it’s time you step aside and hand over your title of “Greatest Salmon Tartar” to The Tavern. Never have my taste buds simultaneously shuddered in such pleasure. Every aspect of this dish was impeccable from flavor to presentation. The fried pita bread was such a welcomed change from the usual slices of toast. The tartar was perfectly creamy, tangy and as flavorful as it should be.  Excellent!

For my main, I had the Tuna Burger, made with fresh tuna, Asian spices and spicy mayonnaise.  It was a satisfactory burger, but was definitely a lot more remarkable in writing than it was in reality. My friend ordered The Mac n Cheese made with Comté (a potent and mildly sweet French cheese), Victor & Berthold (a light, buttery and slightly fruity Canadian cheese) parmesan, mascarpone, tomatoes, pancetta ham and truffle oil. It was the extravagant combination of different ingredients and flavors that made this dish so delightful.

For dessert, we shared the Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie served with a scoop of French-vanilla ice cream.  It was baked oven-fresh and literally melted in my mouth with the perfect balance of smoothness and crunch. Definitely a crowd-pleaser!

My Rating: 7.5/10

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