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  • 3609 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal (514) 544-5038

Located in the popular Plateau area of Montreal, this trendy bistro has an incredibly warm and earthy ambiance. My favourite aspect is the open concept kitchen, enclosed with aesthetically pleasing wooden tables and walls in addition to the main brick wall along the right side of the restaurant. 

The menu offers a good variety of innovative food. Everything we ordered was wonderfully tasty as well as beautifully presented - Most notable were the Pan Seared Foie Gras (extraordinary when combined with the pureed apple remulad), Preserved Tuna and Beef Tartare (lovely blend of textures when paired with the mushroom tart) - all of which were prepared with utmost care in regards to flavor.  I had a taste of the Braised Pork Shoulder Burger and it was just as tender and mouthwatering as it looked. 

There were a few negative points during the dinner, first being the awfully slow service. There was at least a 30 minute wait between finishing our appetizers and the arrival of our mains. It was probably the fact that it was quite busy, but our waiter really did seem to neglect us for most of the night. 

The most notable negative aspect was my main order: 3 by the knife plate: Beef + Salmon Tartare and Pork Foot. The Beef tartare was definitely the highlight since the Salmon Tartare (usually my favorite) was seriously distorted in flavor. The addition of ginger and several other ingredients (apple and cognac cream) were simply unnecessary.  I understand that the bistro aims to offer a unique twist on food but it just didn’t sit well at all.

Now onto the Pork Foot. I pride myself on being an adventurous eater, and am 100% set on trying everything once in life, but that was probably the most offensively foul things I have EVER eaten. It was sneakily hidden in the form of two spring rolls, probably to hide the fact that it looked like a slug once cut into and exposed. The only words I can use to express the flavour is that of raw pig. I’m currently shuddering in memory of that repulsive experience. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Excluding that gut-wrenching moment in my life, it was an enjoyable night. The atmosphere is enough to ensure that everyone has a generally good time. 

My Rating: 7/10 

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