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  • 1045 Avenue Laurier Ouest, Outremont
    (514) 270-0999

Leméac is considered to be one of Montreal’s finest French restaurants, thus I was greatly anticipating indulging in my first true authentically French meal. 

I had reservations for 7pm and we were seated immediately. The restaurant was already crowded and bustling with excitement. It has an old-world charm that I rarely encounter, and fully encompassed the true meaning of ‘fine dining’ with its elegant and sophisticated Parisian decor.

Now for the food. Whenever I dine out, I always make it a point to order the Salmon Tartare. Leméac has the option of having your tartare prepared traditionally or with truffle oil. I chose the latter, and it was without a doubt, the GREATEST salmon tartare I have ever had the privilege of eating. It was perfectly spiced with a subtle hint of the aromatic, earthy flavor of the truffle oil. 

My next appetizer of Pan Seared Calamari and Zucchini was a bit of a disappointment. It was slightly burnt, over-spiced and tough in consistency. I have an adoration for deep-fried calamari so it was also perhaps the change of texture that thoroughly caught me off guard. 

Our mains of Roasted Duck Breast and Roasted Rack of Lamb restored my temporary loss of faith. Both were cooked exceptionally well. The duck was moist and succulent, especially since the skin was left on which only further emphasized the richness of the dish. The lamb was tender, juicy, seasoned perfectly and fell off the bone the moment I put my fork to it. One of the most beautifully cooked lamb dishes I’ve had. 

The star of this dinner was the GLORIOUS French Toast with Maple Caramel & Milk Jam Ice Cream. I’ve had quite the fair share of French toast in my life, but NEVER have I had it prepared like this. First off, the brioche itself was massive! It was thick and crispy on the outside, glazed with warm maple caramel, but the inside was soft and feathery, almost the same texture as cotton candy. What an absolute treat!! Definitely goes into my Dessert Hall of Fame!!!

Rating: 7.5/10

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